Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Congratulations Andrew Garfield aka Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Hello all you friendly neighborhood Spider-Men and Spider-Women! I'm back with a brand new blog post! As you can tell from the photo, today's blog is about Spider-Man! Yah! Also, I picked this photo because if you pay close attention and imagine Green Goblin is Sony's CEO, you will have an idea of what Sony/Green Goblin is doing to the Spider-Man franchise as we speak. Let's just say Spider-Man isn't too happy that Green Goblin didn't bring any KY jelly with him during this franchise talk.

If you couldn't tell, I hate this whole reboot craze in Hollywood. Spider-Man isn't even a ten year old movie and Sony is already rebooting it despite the fact that the film has spawned two highly successful sequels and the franchise as a whole has made more than a billion dollars worldwide. Why the rush to reboot it? Well, to save money of course! Sony figures that they can make a reboot at a fraction of the cost of a sequel and slap the new "Spider-Man" on it and everyone will still rush to see it. Maybe I'm wrong, but I smell a major bomb on Sony's hands.

Regardless of how much I hate the concept of a reboot, I would like to congratulate Andrew Garfield, the actor chosen to play the new Spider-Man. The guy has his work cut out for him so my hat's off to him. He seems like a good choice to play Peter Parker. Judging from his last name, my guess is that his dream job was to play Garfield the cat and since that is never going to happen (since he is sadly not a cat), he had to settle for Spider-Man. Also, judging from his long neck, I would say that he might be part giraffe, which makes him part alright in my book. :-P Nah, joking aside, I wish the guy luck.

I hope you enjoyed the blog today! I also hope you have a wonderful day! Till next time...

Oh the Horror!!!

Hello again everyone! I'm back with a brand new blog! Stop crying! I promise it's not that bad this time. I think you might even chuckle a little this time.
Anyway, as a huge movie buff, let me tell you that I am not a fan of most horror movies. First of all, I don't find most of them to be all that frightening. If I want to watch something scary, I'll watch one of Larry the Cable Guy's films. If "Delta Farce" doesn't scare the piss out of you, nothing will. Second of all, I find the main characters of most horror movies to be incredibly boring. Sure, there are a few exceptions, but for the most part these unstoppable antagonists are just not interesting and only seem to kill because...well...that's what horror villains do. Some of these horror franchises have tried to tell the "origin" of these famous monsters through various prequels and/or reboots, but none of these origin stories have really sold me. Rob Zombie's "Halloween" was alright, but not great. I have heard (but haven't seen for myself) that the remakes of "Friday the 13th" and "A Nightmare on Elm Street" were far worse than Rob Zombie's "Halloween", which is not something to be proud of.
This has led me to wonder, could I write a worthy origin story to one of these horror franchises? I don't like to be one of those kinds of people who criticize other people's work without creating something special myself. Which franchise should I pick to work on? If you couldn't tell by the photo, I am going to go with the "Friday the 13th" franchise. I hope you enjoy the Jeffrey Stansberry version of the origin of Jason Voorhees! Here is the synopsis:
"Jason Voorhees was the typical seven foot tall, mute, and deformed six year old living the all American dream with his mother, Pamela Voorhees. Pamela Voorhees was the typical cook, psycho, killer, and single mother also living the American dream. Fate changed their lives forever when Pamela Voorhees accepted her dream job of becoming a cook earning minimum wage at Camp Crystal Lake. Naturally, Jason Voorhees was thrilled at the prospect of playing ice hockey with the other seven foot tall, mute, and deformed kids at Camp Crystal Lake. Unfortunately for poor little seven foot tall Jason, all the other children at Camp Crystal Lake were tiny and too delicate to play ice hockey with him (some of the other six year old children were barely over six feet tall). With his mother busy preparing her world famous lard Hot Pockets for the lucky campers and no other seven foot tall children around to play with, Jason Voorhees decided to forget about his hobby of hockey and focus on his dreams of ice tap dancing, a new spin on ice skating. On a cold and stormy night, Jason Voorhees decided to sneak out of his cabin and practice ice tap dancing on Crystal Lake. Tragically, due to his height, weight and the fact that the lake was not even frozen because it was summer, Jason Voorhees drowned to death. Pamela Voorhees blamed herself for Jason's drowning and wondered to herself if her son might still be alive if he had only worn his hockey mask. With that thought alone, Pamela Voorhees made it clear to the world that she wasn't Albert Einstein, or even Forrest Gump for that matter. Still, her love for her son and her lust for human blood drove her mad. Pamela Voorhees attacked and tried to murder everyone she felt was connected to her son's death, starting with Kevin Bacon, because as we all know, Kevin Bacon is connected to everyone in Hollywood through six degrees or less. Plus, Kevin Bacon was a camp counselor, and Pamela Voorhees didn't often see eye to eye with any form of counselor. She did see knife to back with them many times though. After killing, um, let's say seven camp counselors (because seven is a lucky number), Pamela's bloody rampage was finally ended by camp counselor Alice I. Wonderland. Alice decapitated Pamela, mainly to tell a lame joke. "You keep killing all of my friends and head's will roll b*tch!" was the joke told by Alice. Meanwhile, at the Legion of Doom, Jason Voorhees had been resurrected by the magical powers of the lake. As it turns out, Crystal Lake got it's name due to the fact that it was 84% Crystal Pepsi. (Crystal Pepsi tasted so bad, it could literally wake the dead). Waking up at the bottom of the ocean, Jason Voorhees met the mysterious Lady of the Water from the King Arthur stories. The Lady of the Water knighted Jason Voorhees and handed him the magical Excalibur, which for some reason looked exactly like a machete. Sir Jason Voorhees quickly killed the Lady of the Water with Excalibur and headed back to the camp. Before coming ashore, he met a Lady in the Water who looked surprisingly like Bryce Dallas Howard. Jason Voorhees quickly got her autograph and flirted with her a bit before Bryce Dallas Mermaid gave him her digits. After Jason got her phone number, he quickly killed her (what did you expect?) and was extremely happy not only for killing her, but because the autograph in his hand was now worth a lot more on E-Bay. Long story short, Jason Voorhees came back to shore and quickly killed Alice right after seeing her naked. After that, Jason Voorhees collapsed on the ground and started crying. He quietly reflected on his relationship with women and decided to change his life for the better. Jason called his mom up to see how she was doing. As it turns out, Pamela Voorhees' head was enjoying the warm weather of Hell, Michigan and the two made plans to meet in order to reconnect. The film ends with The Beatles' "Let It Be" playing softly in the background as Jason Voorhees watches a cute little kitten clean herself with her paws. The end."
So, yeah, that was my prequel/remake idea. I think it is incredible. I think the ending will leave the audience in tears. Anyway, now that I have shared this masterpiece of an idea, I better head off to bed. have a good night everyone and take care!