Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools' Day and 3D

Hello again world! I know you must have missed me. Anyway, I am back and better than ever. Sort of a Jeffrey version 2.0 if you will.

Today is April 1st 2010, or April's Fools' Day. Let me start by saying that I HATE this holiday. I don't see the purpose of a day dedicated solely to lying and it's getting to the point that even news sites want to have fake "April Fools' Day" stories. I like to read news online because it is easier and cheaper, but I always avoid news websites on April 1st each year because I don't want to read fake news articles. If I wanted to be fed news that was completely made up, I'd just flip on Fox News. Seriously folks, what is the point is this holiday? Don't people lie and joke around enough without an entire day dedicated to it! The worst part is that most of the "April Fools' Day" articles/jokes aren't even funny! Most of them are just horrible, and I know about bad jokes, that's right, I actually saw "Delta Farce" in theaters. What holiday is going to be next? National Pick Your Nose Day? (Note: I may be on to something there). I was taught as a child NOT to fib or bend the truth. Thank the Lord we have a holiday that teaches kids that it's cool if you lie to everyone, just as long as it's once a year on April 1st.

Moving along, "Clash of the Titans" opens this week in theaters and I really want to see it. Sam Worthington, Ralph Fiennes, and Liam Neeson all look great in this movie and the original had a decent story but left something to be desired due to special effects and the film's pacing. This remake doesn't seem to have that problem thankfully. The film is going to be released in 2D and 3D and I am not sure which format I will be seeing it in (although I am very much leaning towards watching the 2D version for cost reasons). I also don't love the idea that almost every movie coming out in the next few years is going to be in 3D. Sure, I enjoyed "Avatar" and I do think the fact that it was in 3D helped make the film slightly more enjoyable, but it was a good movie regardless if it was 2D or 3D and not every movie will benefit from 3D technology. I hardly see why "Yogi Bear" or "The Smurfs" need to be in 3D. Do I need to sense that Yogi is stealing MY picnic basket? I don't know about you, but that would annoy me. I don't need some computer animated, sarcastic bear stealing MY food. My ancestors didn't fight in the American Revolution for that! Also, "The Smurfs" in 3D would just seem like a kids friendly sequel to "Avatar". It's bad enough that because of digital technology, such as Blu-ray players, I can now see people's warts and moles in digital clarity, I don't need these same warts and moles attacking because of 3D technology! Plus, thanks to 3D technology, there is a good chance we may get to see Larry the Cable Guy's butt coming at us! That's a scary thought ladies and gentlemen.

Seriously, a few films in 3D are okay. I can see "Green Lantern", "Star Trek 2.0", and "Superman Returns Yet Again" all being fun films to see in 3D. I'm sure there are guys that would love to see "Baywatch" in 3D as well. (Note: Seeing at how pointless that show was, 3D might be the best route for the big screen adaption). I don't think "Being Marlon Brando's Stomach" or "Poop Goes the Weasel" (a big hit with 3 year olds) needs the 3D treatment. (Note: I made up those last two movies but I would be more than willing to write a script for either movie if any studio is interested). In all seriousness, I really hope Hollywood stops with the 3D movie trend. Not every movie is "Avatar" or "Alice in Wonderland" and I really don't want to have to start paying more to see a movie especially if I'm not even sure it's going to be good!

Well, enough of me for today. I hope you enjoyed and hopefully laughed a little bit at this blog. Take care everyone and be safe! :)